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How to Change Your YouTube URL

Tired of using a long and random url for your YouTube channel? By default, YouTube usually assigns you a long string url as the address for your channel.
Well, the good news is that in this quick tutorial, we will go over the main steps for changing your YouTube url.
It’s better and more effective to have a custom YouTube URL instead of the default one.
For example, your YouTube channel url may be Instead, you can create a simple URL for your channel.
It can be This allows you to create a URL that represents your brand and allows your fans to find your YouTube channel with ease.
To begin, go to and make sure you are signed-in to your account.
Select the small thumbnail with your account image found on the top right corner of YouTube.
Select this thumbnail to open up your account menu for more editing options.
After doing so, you will see a drop down menu appear with different options. Select the, “YouTube Settings” button. This will take you to your YouTube account settings page.
Use this option to direct you to your YouTube channel settings page.
After reaching your account settings page, click on Advanced. (It’s on the right of your account thumbnail image).
YouTube advanced settings page for channel owners and creators.
Once you’ve arrived on your advanced channel settings page, you will see your YouTube channel URL under channel settings. Select the Create Custom URL button that’s found at the end of the URL.
Channel Settings
You should now be able to create a custom URL for your YouTube channel. Remember, once you’ve setup a custom URL it cannot be changed. So choose wisely the first time! Always consider using your channel name or your brand for more effectiveness. After you’ve finished deciding your YouTube URL, select the blue Create Channel URL tab.
Use this page to change your YouTube url and add a custom one of your choice.

You’re Finished

After selecting the blue tab, you should see a notification in green that confirms you’ve successfully created a custom URL for your YouTube channel.
Custom URL Success
You can now use this URL to lead people towards your channel page. You can even use it on branded merchandise (t-shirts) or your business card for effective promotion. Use these quick steps to help you change your YouTube channel’s URL!

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