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Google Play Store not working? Here is how to fix it

Most of us have experienced Google Play Store. Whether it is an error message popping up when we are downloading an application, or the Google Play Store simply fails to open. Luckily, we have solutions. Here is what you should if the Play Store app does not work for you.
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Check the time and date settings

Google always checks your phone’s time and date for the Google Play Store. In case the application have an incorrect date and time settings it can cause some problems. This is because the Google’s servers can have a hard time trying to sync with your handset and cause the Google Play Store to act improperly.
To fix this problem, go to the Settings then to the System. You will see DateandTime. Click on this to see if your device is on Automatic date and time provided by your network. This option should be always toggled on.

Clear your Google Play Store data

Delete the whole data from the Google Play Store. This tends to set the application back to the square one and also get rid of the saved information including any glitchy data causing the issue.
More so, recall when you do this, you delete all files, databases, settings, and other information. So make sure you’ve the log-in credentials since they are also taken off.
To do this follow the steps below:
  • Go to the settings
  • Find Application manager or Apps
  • Swipe down to Clear data. You can also go to Storage first, and then Clear data.

Clear the Play Store cache

You can get things works right again by deleting the cache. Cache is the storage area which temporarily holds your data so that it can be swiftly retrieved without the need to reload it.
Here is how to clear the cache
  • Go to Settings
  • Find Application manager or Apps
  • Swipe down to Clear cache

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Services

Downloading and installing the latest version of Google Play Services can help solve the problem. The latest version of the software is more stable, thus it is important to keep it updated.
You should also make sure that the Play Store is also updated. Go to the Play Store application and hit the menu button. Go to Settings and scroll to General. You will see when your Google Play application updates. Tap on the Auto-update apps and make sure it is checked over Wi-Fi.

Rest your Google account

If your Google Play Store application still is not working, you need to refresh your Google account. This will have the Google account on your entire smartphone reset. Thus make sure you properly know your accounts before you begin this.
To do these go to Settings and then click Accounts. Select the Google account you want to get rid of and tap the menu icon. Click Remove account.
After doing that re-enter your Google account. Go to Settings and click Account again. Add Account and see if the problem is solved.
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