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Difference between Ad Server and Ad Network


                         AD SERVER                     AD NETWORK
1.The equipment that brings up the ad to potential customers is called an Ad serverAd network is a company that connects advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements
2.In simple words, Ad server is a tool used by ad agencies and/or clients to facilitate ad trafficking and to provide reporting on ad performanceAd networks are a single buying opportunity for media buyers and an opportunity to access advertising market for small publishers
3.Ad server is a part of an ad networkEvery ad network has their own ad server
4.There are two main types of ad server – Local ad server and remote ad serverThere are mainly three different types of ad networks – vertical , horizontal , and targeted networks
5.The ad servers provide data like impression served, number of clicks, CTR , leads, etc.The ad network provides data to client retrieved from an ad server (every campaign has its own data)
6.The use of best ad server provides consistent and maximized feature like action tracking (post-click activities) such as sales, leads, downloads, engagements , video tracking , etc.The use of a best ad network allows an advertiser to assure that their ads are placed on the best possible website to target their ads towards their target market

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