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Thursday, 28 February 2019

What If Your Comcast Account Is Hacked

Comcast is an American largest global telecommunication broadcasting and cable television company in the world. Email becomes the major source of communication in this modern era. But, besides email service providing you facilities, it is your duty to keep secure your account from hacking and thieving. There are many people who don't have any other work except hacking different accounts and thief confidential data from their emails. So, be aware of hackers and make your work easy. The only thing you have to do is keeping your password strong by using the combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols which must be far to approach by the hacker. The hacker is quite intelligent than you, so make your password strong up to that limit so that hacker will feel difficult to reach by enabling 2-step verification. If your account is still secure from hacking, then follow some instructions to make it secure.

Here Are Some Instructions By Which You Can Secure Your Account From Hacking

Do not keep one password too long whereby what will happen hacker can’t reach your password. Also change your related id password continuously so that hackers will not able to take your password from there. Make your answer of security question difficult so that hacker cannot even think of that but yes you must keep it remember. Your password contains a mixture of alphabets, numerical and symbols, as a result, it will be difficult to identify. Don’t ever log in your email account on any public computers and if you are using it then try to delete all details. Try to do not use Wi-Fi internet connection from anywhere because they are insecure for an email account. Always use malware protection software on your device. Change your backup email address. If you are unable to secure your account still then contact our customer care executives they will guide you how to work on protecting your Comcast email account. Even if your account gets already hacked then they will give you the perfect solution for operating your hacked account. Our technicians are all time available to help you in your difficult time. You will feel comfortable while using our service. Our helpline service is fully secured, you can feel safe while sharing your personal info with us. We strive to solve your issues with full effort.
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What To Do When Your Account Gets Hacked?

Go to Comcast email account login page and click on ‘help’ link. After clicking on that link it redirects you to recovery page, there you find the option related to ‘forget password’. Then provide your Comcast email id, enter continue. Now you may see a captcha, fill it and continue. On the next step, your last password is required, it will only work when you forgot your password but here is the case of hacking your account. In this case, the hacker may have already change your all those details so won’t be able to recover it. Now, the only way to recover your password is through verifying your identity. It will give you multiple questions about your account which you have to answer. Your answer must match to previous answers of the time of accessing account. If the information that you have provide get a match with the previous information then you will be able to reset your password.

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