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Friday, 22 February 2019

How to Create Fake Whatsapp

Today everyone is familiar with whatsapp, it is one of the most popular messaging app on smartphone and used by millions of users worldwide. If we came around whatsapp tips and tricks then there are many whatsapp tricks on the internet. Some are useful and some are just to waste your time. Here I’m going to share you a whatsapp trick to tell you How To Create Fake WhatsApp Account.
Whatsapp is getting more and more popular as the number of its users are increasing day by day. As we all are well know that there are numerous tips and tricks on whatsapp through which you can shock your whatsapp friend easily. We have also shared how to make money from whatsapp, and how to use one whatsapp in two devices And today we are going to tell you How to create Fake whatsapp Account with free number for whatsapp verification.
You might be thinking that making a fake whatsapp account is too hard but you will be surprised to know that this is the most easiest and working method you ever know. You just need to download an app from play store.
For this method actually you need a fake number. You might be thinking that how you get free virtual number for whatsapp for whatsapp verification code bypass. Well, its simple you just have to download an app from play store and you will be able to generate fake number for whatsapp verification. Actually there are numerous apps on playstore and today in this trick we will be using one of them through which you can verify your whatsapp and create fake whatsapp account.

Benefits of Creating Fake Whatsapp Account with Fake Whatsapp Number

  • Fake Whatsapp account
  • Fake whatsapp number
  • International number
  • Prank your friend
  • More privacy
  • Hide your number
  • Free of cost
  • Keep you number secure
There are many benefits of making fake whatsapp account with fake number.  There are many apps which will give fake number for whatsapp verification. Here we have mentioned the best among all. So without wasting your time lets move further and have look on how to create a fake Whatapp account with Fake Number.

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Account with US, UK, Canada Number

  1. Download 2ndLine or TextNow app from here: 2ndLine ; TextNow
  2. Install and open the app and register for a new account by entering email and password.
  3. Now click on don’t use location.
  4. Now enter any US area code like 501, 320, 620, etc. and click continue.
  5. You will be given a list of numbers select from any of it.
  6. Now you will get your fake number, just tap on it and copy your number.
  7. Download and open Whatsapp App.
  8. SingUp for new account and enter the number you have copied in above step.
  9. You will receive an OTP in the app. Enter it and you have done.
This is how you will be able to Create your Fake Whatsapp Account with Fake Number. One more bonus tip is for you here, Apart from Whatsapp you can also use this Fake Number to verify other apps too like truecaller and more.

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